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An impressive family home has hit the market in Midlothian, but it has a lot more to it than meets the eye. It will be all change for Midlothian South as all three sitting councillors have decided to step down leaving the field open for new faces to make their mark , » Blog » The Aging-in-Place Bathroom Options For Senior Friendly Bathrooms Install lever faucets. Get a sprayer attachment , for your shower-head. Install grab bars and rails. Raise the height of the toilet. Thick rugs for cushioning. Non-slip bath mats and rugs. Curbless showers and Walk-in bathtubs. 2. ADD NON-SKID SURFACES While skid-proof decals are a step in the right direction, they don’t cover the entire bathtub surface, so slips are still possible. Look instead for a mat that covers the surface of the bathtub floor. Likewise, you may want to add a mat with a rubber backing to the bathroom much does it cost to remodel a tile showerThroughout the entire renovation project, from the moment you first imagine the potential for your new bathroom to completion, Realm can help you ensure your remodel is a success. You can use Realm’s dashboard to get an accurate, unbiased budget , for your bathroom renovation tailored to your specific home. Additionally, Realm’s tools offer the ability to see how different choices from fixtures to materials can affect your overall budget. When using your Realm budget as a guide, you can rest assured you are entering into conversations with contractors fully informed. This makes a big difference, this can cost you a lot of money if you hire a contractor that renovates and leaves the old plumbing. We’ve seen this many times, where you install new, beautiful tile and the plumbing leaks a few years later causing mold and water damage. """"""""


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