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Album Review: Stick Season - Noah Kahan


“Stick Season” Album Cover. (Photo:

Noah Kahan’s newest album “Stick Season” has brought the indie artist to the spotlight. The title track was number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on the album’s release date. The album’s release was perfectly aligned with New England’s shift from fall to winter on Oct.14.

Over the past few years musicians have found great success though TikTok. As of Nov. 15 Kahan’s track, also titled "Stick Season," has been used in over 20 thousand TikTok posts.

The first two tracks on the album, “Northern Attitude” and “Stick Season,” were released before the rest of the album contributing to the widespread buzz for the young artist. Kahan has cultivated quite the following on TikTok as well with almost 700,000 followers, 13.7 million likes and a top post with 10.5 million views.

The “Stick Season” United States tour has sold out all the way through his last show on February 18th in Denver, Colorado. Before gaining mainstream popularity, Kahan sold out four shows in a row in his home state of Vermont. The artist has yet to release information about the possibility of adding dates.

The album has several relatable songs that cover a range of life’s ups and downs including, mental health battles, sobriety, and small hometowns.

My top five songs include "Stick Season", "Growing Sideways", "Northern Attitude, Homesick", and "All My Love".

“Growing sideways” has struck a chord with Gen Z. The track describes the ups and downs of mental health conditions. A lyric that particularly hit home for me was at the start of this song, “And I divvied up my anger into thirty separate parts.Keep the bad shit in my liver and the rest around my heart. I'm still angry at my parents for what their parents did to them. But it's a start.

Currently on Spotify, Kahan has over 8.3 million monthly listeners with the album’s title track has more than 61 million streams.

Stick season provides listeners with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, addressing being home sick and sick of home at the same time. Whether or not you have experienced a New England stick or not, the album is a must listen for everyone.

Stream “Stick Season” here.

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