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Album Review: The 1975, "Being Funny in a Foreign Language"


Cover art for The 1975 album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language. (Photo: Variety)

The fifth album from The 1975 dropped on Oct. 14, and like their other releases, dons an absurdly long title, Being Funny in a Foreign Language.

Metacritic gave the album an 82 out of 100 according to their panel of 16 critics including Variety and The Rolling Stones, meaning it was universally acclaimed.

The 1975’s newest album has been praised by fans for strategically paying homage to their old sound and tone which has been dearly missed, especially by me, since their last album release in 2018. It leaves all of us fans wondering, how do they keep getting away with creating hit after hit?

Since most of the songs fit a certain mood, I will be organizing them according to vibe, but feel free to disagree or agree in the comments below!

Love Songs:

Whether you have a special someone or just a really great best friend, you will surely be picturing them when you're jamming along to these songs. For me, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling every time I listened and started to reminisce about adventures with friends.

  • “I’m in Love with You”

  • “Part of the Band”

  • “Happiness”

Although there are definitely more songs about love on this album, basically all of them in some shape or form, these three are peak appreciation pieces for important people in the band’s life. I felt they deserved their own little section to shine in.

Old School Songs:

If you’ve never listened to The 1975, this may not make sense to you, but they have a very specific 80’s synth pop sound that just can't be replicated by any other band these days. These are the songs where the band seems perfectly in tune with their old voice dating back to 2013.

  • “Looking for Someone (To Love)”

  • ‘Wintering”

  • “About You”

If you're into these songs in particular, you might just want to listen to some of their older stuff too. Chances are you’ll end up down a rabbit hole of listening to all their previous albums. This is a good thing, trust me, because you’ll be completely up-to-date by the time they make it to New York again to perform.

Why Am I Crying? Songs:

You know that feeling when you're listening to a song and get all choked up for seemingly no reason at all? I found myself doing that while these specific songs crossed my playlist. They are too good to skip but too hard to listen to when you are feeling even the slightest bit down. Listen at your own risk.

  • “All I Need To Hear”

  • “Human Too”

Seriously though, take off your makeup and prepare yourself for the waterworks. You’ll thank me later. Or maybe you're more emotionally sound than I thought for a 1975 fan, who knows?

Funny Songs:

Whether it’s a subtle boner joke or a song centered around line suicide not being right for him, leave it to Matty Healy and his band to find a way to bring something humorous to the table. The band is great at playing with dark themes and still bringing out some sort of humor from within.

  • “When we are Together”

  • “Oh Caroline”

  • “The 1975”

Fittingly, I put their song titled after their own band name, in the joke category because after all, the album is about being funny and I personally thought this would be a good joke.

The songs from The 1975’s newest album Being Funny in a Foreign Language are laced with so many innuendos; I urge you to see how many you can find for yourself.

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