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All About the New B.F.A. in Theatre, Film & Television


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For LIU Brooklyn, no Humanities major provides more of a creative sense than the brand new B.F.A. Program in Theatre, Film & Television. The course description states that the program is designed for students interested in rigorous conservatory studio training in acting on stage in theatre, and on-camera in film and television.

For John Sannuto, the Chair and Director of the program, he places his time and his effort into making the new program worthwhile. “My goal is to give students the best possible acting training so that they can go out and perform in a Theatre; and on Camera, TV, and Film,” said Sannuto. One of the big things that Sannuto said will be crucial to achieve this goal is to recruit, and keep recruiting new students.

Sannuto highlights that while he isn’t teaching any courses himself, the bulk of the curriculum will lie on what the students will learn in their classes, while he will provide guidance and further assistance when it comes down to preparing for their performances.

As the semester progresses, the best way LIU Brooklyn can see where this new major is going is through the shows these acting students will perform. Already in the works is their first show titled Pocatello, by Samuel D. Hunter. It will be performed on the week of November 19th through November 23rd at 7:00 PM at Barbara and Melvin Pasternack Little Theatre on the Sixth Floor of the Humanities Building.

“You never stop learning, you’re a lifetime student as an actor, because you’re watching the world, you’re observing the world, you’re taking in the world, you’re learning about the world, you’re learning about human nature.” Sannuto said.

There is also a lot of fun when it comes to creating the plays themselves. Sannuto described a feeling of excitement when it comes to learning the characters, rehearsing and surrounding yourself with the cast and company when developing their performance. In addition, students are encouraged to never stop learning and to just keep going.

“You never stop learning, you’re like a lifetime student as an actor. You’re watching the world, you’re observing the world, and you’re taking in the world,” Sannuto said.

For the Fall semester, the main theme that the program is focusing on, is Nurture. The instructors are expected to keep nurturing the students and to keep pushing them. The teacher-student relationship is to be a strong part of this theme since acting is a collaborative profession that requires teamwork and a group effort to strip themselves down and to fuse themselves into the characters that we see on stage.

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