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Dear Charlie: How Do I Readjust to Classes After Break?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

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Welcome back to campus for the spring semester!

I know that many of us would rather still be on winter break, enjoying the leisure time and enjoying the freedom from classes and tests. Myself included.

While coming back to classes after such a long break can be difficult, I’m here to share some things that helped me to readjust and get back into the swing of things.

Look Over Syllabi

It might be helpful to comb through your syllabi during the first few weeks of the semester so you can keep track of any assignments or quizzes by adding due dates and reminders to your phone calendar, or penciling them into your planner.

Develop a study schedule and think about what support you may need from on campus or other community resources such as tutoring, professor’s office hours, or mental health counseling.

Plan how you are going to organize your school notes and make efforts to check your school emails so that you don’t miss any other important information.

Figure Out How to Best Manage Your Time

Instead of plowing right into assignments and studying non-stop, go at a slower pace. Make time in between classes for a nap and ensure that you go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

When school becomes hectic, self care tasks like these tend to take a backseat. In order to prevent this make sure to include tasks in your daily schedule like drinking enough water, exercising, or journaling so that you can get the mental and emotional relaxation you need.

It is also important to carve out time to reconnect with the important people in your life. As time creeps by it’s important to keep in touch with your friends and family. You can even try to make new friends this semester.

Form Study Groups Early

I have made the mistake of not asking my classmates to form a study group until after midterms or right before finals, and everytime this happens, I regret not making those connections sooner. Most people are open to working together, but they are sometimes shy. Once you have a study group going, it will prove invaluable. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses in a class, and studying together can help share knowledge, challenge one another, and motivate each other to study more frequently.

Goal Setting

Lastly, determine how to properly manage your goals and expectations. Not everything will turn out the way you anticipated. Maybe you have a professor who is a strict grader. Maybe your GPA isn’t as high as you would like. This doesn’t mean that you’re inadequate. As long as you know that you tried your best, your best is good enough.

While it can be easy to fall into, remember that it isn’t helpful to compare yourself to others who seem to do better than you.

You can do this! You’ve made it this far in your school journey and this is just another semester. These four months of the spring semester will go by faster than you know, and soon we’ll be able to enjoy another break.

Hang in there and until next time!

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