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Election Day: What You Need to Know About Who’s Running for Mayor


The air is cooler, the leaves are changing, pumpkin and cinnamon scents fill the air. It is also everyone's favorite time of the year, election season!

There are two upcoming elections on November 2nd in New York City. The general election, for New York City mayor, and the special election for 86th Assembly District & 30th Senate District.

This year’s general election mayoral candidates are:

  • Eric Adams (Democratic Party)

  • Raja Flores (Humanity United Party)

  • Quanda Francis (Empowerment Party)

  • Fernando Mateo (Save Our City Party)

  • William Pepitone (Conservative Party)

  • Stacey Prussman (Libertarian Party)

  • Cathy Rojas (Party for Socialism & Liberation)

  • Curtis Sliwa (Republican Party & Independent)

  • Skiboky Stora (Out Lawbreaker Party)

The year's front runners are Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa.

Adams, the projected victor, is popular among New York City residents and majorly Democratic audiences. A former NYPD officer himself, Adams takes quite a different stance than de Blasio on the police force, wanting to increase the police presence to combat crime. He is also in favor of mandating the covid vaccine for children in public schools, as well as updating bike paths in New York.

Curtis Sliwa, whose name recognition brings him major popularity among Republicans, is also a front-runner in this year’s mayoral election. The famed founder of The Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa’s agenda is filled with subway safety, no-kill animal shelters in New York City, transforming the K-12 education system, and also increasing/refunding the police force.

Sliwa and Adams faced off in a debate on October 20th, highlighting their similarities and differences on various topics of interest to prospective voters. Both candidates plan to increase police presence in the subway system, however Sliwa’s approach is decidedly more hand-on than Adams’.

Sliwa’s founding and involvement with the Guardian Angels, an unarmed crime prevention unit, also stated his interest in not enforcing the vaccine mandate current many Bill De Blasio has in place.

During the debate, he spoke about “letting the people choose” and emphasized how workers should not be fired for their decision. Adams, on the other hand, has mentioned on a few occasions prior to the debate that he will enforce the mandate, citing that putting people's health first is the right way to go.

Adams was pronounced the winner of that debate, keeping his composure and calm throughout.

Outside of the race for mayor, there is much more on your 2021 ballot! Borough Presidents are up for election, as well as judges, city comptrollers, public advocates, district attorneys, and City Council Members.

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