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Library Learning Center Basement Closure- An Update

By: Allan Nosoff, Editor-In-Chief

Rumors continue to swirl about the anticipated reopening of the LLC Building Basement, which has been closed-off since August.

Exclusive photos from Seawanhaka, taken in October , show conditions almost back-to-normal for the majority of the basement. Aside from some broken ceiling tiles, and LLC 109 closure, most of the basement was smell- free and more-or-less clean.

Dean of Students, Janel Owens, said, “LIU will reopen the LLC basement once we deem the basement to be 100% safe.”

Safety has been the primary concern since the start of the semester. Despite this, various Media Arts professors and LIU officials had conflicting reports about the reopening of the basement.

Some professors, in November, heard the reopening would have happened by the end of last month. Some heard the reopening would occur by Spring. Others are still clueless. Stay tuned to Seawanhaka for the latest.

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