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LIU Adds COVID Precautions to Campus


Stickers around campus reminding students to properly social distance
Hand Sanitizer Stations Outside Conolly Hall

While LIU students moved into their dorms and started classes this week, the university has just provided safety measures for students, and try to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak from occurring on campus. 

Only 2 students allowed per elevator

“As we resume campus operations, the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff will remain our highest priority. The University has worked closely with local health officials to implement a reopening plan that exceeds CDC and state guidelines. When you arrive on campus, you will see many changes that are designed to protect our community and allow for social distancing,” said Michael Berthel, Executive Dean. 

A change from past years, the main entrance to the campus is now in the Metcalfe Building. Once students walk in, there is an infrared camera taking peoples’ temperatures, ensuring no one has a temperature of 100.4 or above.

LIU COVID-19 Self Check Symptoms form

Along with temperature checks, students must fill out a COVID-19 Self Check form every day before being allowed on campus. The self-check form is linked to students, faculty and administrators’ LIU accounts. It asks if anyone has been out of the state recently or is not feeling well. If they answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions listed, then your LIU ID card will deny a person’s entry onto campus for the day. 

One of the biggest safety implications is that a mask MUST be worn, unless at a table eating or drinking anywhere on campus. In an email sent out to students, Berthel said that, “This is going to take all of us to keep LIU safe and healthy. While you are on-campus, you need to properly wear a mask. This includes when you are in class and in public spaces. In addition, you will be expected to practice social distancing, avoid gatherings, and abide by all New York State and CDC guidelines.”

Around campus, students and faculty will also find access to many hand sanitizer stations, as well as walkways with one-way directions and arrows they must follow. In order to abide by social distancing guidelines in the classroom, LIU has set up classrooms in Lunity Commons and the Paramount gym for larger class sizes where students maintain a safe six-foot distance. To maintain social distancing in the elevators, only two people are now allowed at a time while riding them around campus. 

While there is no way to fully prevent the disease from entering campus, these measures taken by the university will help insure the safety of students. Check back on our website and follow us on social media (@LIUBKNews) for all the up-to-date information on COVID-19, and how the LIU administration is trying to insure the safety of students.

“Keeping LIU safe and healthy will take all of us, including you. Please do your part to ensure we continue to have a successful semester,” said Jared Sarcka, Director of Student Engagement. 

How to properly wear a mask on and off campus

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