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Midnight Madness - A Part of LIU Tradition


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Various images of Midnight Madness on Seawanhaka's front cover of the 10/29 issue

Midnight Madness definitely stayed true to its name, unleashing the excitement of students on campus, while promoting the start of basketball season. This iconic event took place in the WRAC on October 24th, and consisted of over $10,000 worth of prizes, free food, and great performances.

“I think the best part of Midnight Madness was seeing how amazing our school spirit is. It really shows that we are all one big family,” said freshman Marco Halabi.

The event began around 8:30 PM outside in the courtyard. LIU Post students entered campus and were greeted with a grilled cheese food truck, a donut wall, basketball hoops, a photo-booth, and a flatscreen TV to play NBA 2K.

Brooklyn students lined up in attempts to be one the first 150 students entering the building, in order to win a sweatshirt. This was for some the most chaotic part of the entire night, because hundreds of students were pushing and shoving towards the entrance.

The stress cooled down after students entered the building, and the true event began. Many students were given tickets in attempts to win prizes. These prizes ranged from movie tickets to free tuition, so the stakes were held pretty high.

After a strong performance from the LIU Brooklyn dance team, two players from the basketball team would enter the court and dance together. This announcement of the players was a nice element to the entire event because students were better able to remember each player.

“This night succeeded in collabor-ating athletes with the student body in a way that represented the school and student body,” said senior Corey Butcher.

Prizes were also won via compet-itions such as musical chairs, a half-court shot, and the notable dance -off. Round one of the dance-off brought it down to only two students who battled amazingly. The winner left with a brand new MacBook Pro.

“My favorite part of Midnight Madness was the dance-off because it wasn’t just the contestants, everyone in the crowd was dancing and getting involved,” said freshman Isaac Howard.

LIU Brooklyn students also got to see the LIU Post dance and cheer team pull off a nice performance. Although not everyone left with a prize, many left with cash, laptops, televisions, and... movie tickets.

All in all, it was a memorable night that left an impact on everyone who attended.

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