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Nicole Lynn, The Trailblazing Woman Super Agent


Nicole Lynn, The Trailblazing Woman Super Agent

Nicole Lynn is a woman in the sports spotlight for many reasons. She has accomplished various barrier-breaking achievements in the field and been a part of multiple others as well. Nicole Lynn is truly a trailblazer in the field of sports and an encouraging figure for many, including myself.

Quinnen Williams (Right) comforts an emotional Nicole Lynn (Left) on draft night (Via CBSNews)

A Barrier-Breaking Super Agent

Nicole Lynn has broken through many barriers as a woman agent. Even in the early stages of her career as a sports agent, Nicole Lynn was at the forefront of new precedents. In 2015, she was the first woman agent in her agency, which was at the time PlayersRep. Not very long after, Lynn broke another large barrier as the first black woman to represent a top three pick in the NFL draft, where she solo-represented Quinnen Williams, who went third overall to the New York Jets in 2019. Nicole Lynn now works for a new agency, Klutch Sports Group, as the Head of Football Operations, and she still is breaking barriers to this very day. Many recent precedents were set by Lynn at this most recent Super Bowl, where the Philadelphia Eagles faced the Kansas City Chiefs. Lynn accomplished multiple feats by being the first black woman to represent not only a player in the Super Bowl, but a quarterback. Her client, Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles, was one of the premier players of the year, ending up second in MVP award voting, and he ultimately helped lead his team to the big game.

Unfortunately, Hurts and the Eagles lost the Super Bowl in a close 38-35 outing, but that doesn’t negate the groundbreaking year that Nicole Lynn had. Lynn had a client in the top three for the MVP Award (Jalen Hurts), Offensive Player of the Year Award (Jalen Hurts), and Defensive Player of the Year Award (Quinnen Williams). She also represented plenty of athletes who had amazing years, such as Breece Hall of the New York Jets (who looked on pace to win Offensive Rookie of the Year if not for tearing his ACL), Ed Ingram of the Minnesota Vikings, and Evan Neal of the New York Giants. All of which were key contributors to their respective teams.

Women's Advocate

Nicole Lynn has also been a part of other groundbreaking advances in the field and advocated for more. Lynn is a part of an all woman representation team for Jalen Hurts. This team features some of the other trailblazing women of the field including Jenna Malphrus (Client Relations and Media Relations/ Management), Shakeemah Simmons-Winter (Communications Management), Rachel Everett (Marketing), and Chantal Romain (Communications Management).

Jalen Hurts (Middle) posing with half of his all women team, Nicole Lynn (Right) and Shakeemah Simmons-Winters (Left) (Var Turner)

Nicole Lynn is also the agent for Washington Commanders running backs coach, Jennifer King, who was the first full-time black woman coach, as well as the first black women position coach in history. King was also featured in powerful commercials about her journey for the movie The Woman King, a recreation based on the woman fighting unit of Dahomey in Africa. All of this Lynn helped to bring together and make happen as both a woman in sports and an advocate for women in sports.

Agent Nicole Lynn

Nicole Lynn is a trailblazer, an advocate, and a great agent along with many other things, but ultimately what sets Nicole Lynn apart is her unwavering commitment to being true to herself and what she believes in, and it's because of her authentic nature that she has been able to create new precedents daily in the world of sports and help other trailblazing women like herself not only find comfort in the realm of sports, but also redefine what it means to be a woman in sports.

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