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One-on-one with LIU's Success Coach

By: Bryan Rombot

Staff Writer

For students at Long Island University a Success Coach is there to help guide you through your academic career. For Success Coach Daylen Orlick he truly enjoys it.

“It’s incredibly rewarding, I really loved working with students and loved helping them through either troubling times or through academics and to be able to do that on a day-to-day basis in my profession has been the most incredible thing to ever happen in my life,” said Orlick.

For Orlick, he finds so much out of the student populace at LIU and said that the students here have so much to put forward. For Orlick, seeing the growth of students from orientation to the end of the semester is a rewarding thing.

Throughout his experience at the Promise Office, “There has been a lot of things that I’ve been working with and a lot of things that keep constantly happening and going on. and so it’s really just taking it a step at a time and finding where you fit best,” said Orlick.

Orlick emphasizes that we have a lot on our minds with college, work and within our personal lives, he believes that for us to handle our lives, it is best for the students to learn to take life as it comes and to have flexibility to adapt if life throws unexpected challenges.

Besides consulting with the 150 Students under his care, Orlick also works with the Leadership Development Programing & Initiatives, and our orientation program here on campus. Orlick also highlighted his supervision of LIU Brooklyn’s Greek Life Community, and his work with LIU Cares and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion programming. In addition, Orlick also teaches a First-Year Seminar course.

Outside of LIU, Orlick is also a musician, “Personally, I love to write and perform music. I do a lot of concerts and stuff in Manhattan and I love writing my own music and performing my own music,” said Orlick. He can play the guitar and piano, as well as sing.

With regards to the future, Orlick has made goals for himself, and his students. For LIU, Orlick said, “I’d love to see our Greek Life community continue to grow and thrive here on campus. Another goal is, starting up a food pantry on campus and we’re working on developing that and getting it up and running. My final goal would be to create an inclusive LGBTQ+ training and curriculum for faculty and staff in regards to working with that specific identity population and working on educating students with pronouns and identities.”

“I see myself here, which is great. I love the office, I love LIU and I love this community,” said Orlick. Overall, Orlick has made his job as a Success Coach into his greatest passion and he has utilized this passion to ensure that his students are able to reap everything that LIU has to offer and he is truly proud to be an integral part of LIU.

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