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Opinions on How COVID-19 Will Affect the 2020 Elections

Updated: Oct 23, 2020


With updates on the Coronavirus taking over news outlets, the 2020 elections have not gotten as much attention as in years past. I asked three residents of three different states for their opinions on the election and how COVID-19 could potentially affect the outcome.

Valerie Soto, 22, is a double major in Political Science and English at Long Island University Brooklyn. Being a Political Science major means that Soto has taken a lot of interest in the upcoming elections and how COVID-19 will affect the future.

“I think that New York governor Cuomo has been such a leader through this difficult time and we need someone like him to lead us in the future,” said Soto. “Although I am not for Biden, I feel like he will win this election because of his past position under Obama. I don’t know what will happen with the next election, but it’s definitely going to be something that we have never seen before.”

Rebecca Alsop, 32, lives in Baltimore, Maryland and has been keeping tabs on the upcoming elections in the fall. “I think it’s going to be a really tough election. We’re going to have to vote in November because clearly we need someone else as president.” Alsop states. “When it comes to COVID-19, President Trump has proved himself incompetent. He knew this was coming and did not prepare for what was to come. There were months to prepare and nothing was done, we need someone who plans instead of waiting to react”

Candace Mosal, 22, graduated from LIU Brooklyn with a degree in Journalism. Mosal is currently living in Connecticut and working as a proposal analyst at Aetna. Although Mosal usually keeps tabs on the election process this year has been a little different.

“I’ve been so consumed with everything going on with COVID-19 that I honestly have not been paying as close attention to the election right now. But I still believe that we should not have an election at this time,” said Mosal. “I think politicians should be utilizing their efforts to find a way for this economy to thrive during these dark times instead of proving to the public that one is superior to another.”

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