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Reese's Senior Bowl Studs

Deputy Sports Editor Zack Jones shares his thoughts on the standouts of the Senior Bowl.


Nathaniel “Tank” Dell (2) out of the University of Houston is pictured holding up a heart with his hands towards the camera at this year's Senior Bowl. (TheDraftNetwork/ McKessy, Jess)

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is a long standing bowl game of college football players entering into the draft for the coming year. The bowl game boasts the top talent of the class and stands above similar bowl games such as the Shrine Bowl.

Names to Look Out For

Many underrated talents participated in the game this year, and many saw their personal brand and market on the rise for different reasons.

Keion White, Georgia Tech University, EDGE- The defensive side of the trenches fared well in this game, and the most notable name on the rise is definitely Keion White. The defensive end out of Georgia Tech played beyond expectations, and probably made some money over the weekend. The Tech standout demonstrated all the best traits of the position with size, speed, and strength, but his ultimate separator is his explosiveness. White makes the position look easy with his limber playstyle and explosion at the snap. After the Senior Bowl the once under-the-radar prospect is now being seen as one of the top edge players of the class and a potential mid-first round pick.

Nick Hampton, Appalachian State University, EDGE- One of my favorite smaller school players from the Senior Bowl was Nick Hampton out of Appalachian State. Hampton does seem a little underweight for the position at 235, but the talent is there. He is one of the more aggressive edge players in the draft and he is definitely an athletic player. With a good combine the sky's the limit, but currently Hampton is probably in the second to third round range.

Isaiah McGuire, University of Missouri, EDGE- The draft range on this guy is unlike any other. McGuire is a somewhat raw prospect, but his physical tools and athleticism are a big bright spot. He finds himself to be too aggressive at times, probably due to his raw traits being enough to overpower most linemen, but with some fixes to his game he could be an elite talent. McGuire has been mocked at all ranges, but I personally like him in the late first to late second range.

Daiyan Henley, Washington State University, LB- A huge riser on the defensive side is Washington State’s Daiyan Henley. Henley shot up boards after the Senior Bowl to as high as the first round. Henley is a great athlete, something valued more and more each draft year, and has the size and processing speed of an NFL linebacker. His age may be a concern for some GMs since he’s already 23. I think Henley could slide to the third, but wouldn’t be surprised if he went higher.

Tyrique Stevenson, University of Miami, CB- The secondary of the Senior Bowl was exciting, and one of the more exciting prospects was Miami corner Tyrique Stevenson. Stevenson is what every GM wants in a rookie corner right now. He fits the Sauce Gardner/Tariq Woolen model of a big, fast corner. He is slightly shorter than the latter, but plays large, and should be a sub 4.4 guy come combine time. Stevenson probably won’t go in the first round in a loaded corner class, but top 60 should definitely be in the realm of reality.

University of Miami cornerback Tyrique Stevenson (8) lined up in Senior Bowl practice (Dill, Butch/Freelance)

Julius Brents, Kansas State University, CB- Julius Brents out of Kansas State is another huge mid round corner. He measured in at around 6-foot-4-inches, but doesn’t seem to have elite speed. Regardless, Brents is a flexible corner with the ability to play safety if demanded of him. Brents will probably be a mid round guy in the third to fourth round range.

Darius Rush, University of South Carolina, CB- Another show stealer from this year's Senior Bowl was South Carolina corner, Darius Rush. Rush performed the best of any corner in drills throughout the week, and definitely garnered some looks from scouts. Rush will probably be drafted in the third to fifth range, but the impressive Senior Bowl outing may have boosted his stock further than that.

Darrell Luter Jr., University of South Alabama, CB- Small-school stud corner Darrell Luter Jr. from South Alabama impressed in the senior bowl and gained slight traction for the draft. Luter Jr. has solid size and quickness. He still is expected to be a late round pick, but could be an exciting steal for competing teams.

Jammie Robinson, Florida State University, S- Jammie Robinson left this game still underrated in my opinion. The do-it-all Florida State safety should be all over draft boards in what seems to be a relatively weak safety class. Robinson has been seen by some as the best safety in the class, and should find himself off the board in the first two rounds.

Dawand Jones, Ohio State University, OT-One of the event's risers is The Ohio State University offensive tackle, Dawand Jones. Jones didn’t play the entire weekend, but saw his stock rise after his insane measurables were released. Jones measured in at 6-foot-8-inches and 360 pounds, but the highlight was his 89.5 inch wingspan, the highest recorded wingspan in Senior Bowl history. During his time at The Ohio State University, Jones was somewhat overshadowed by his mate on the offensive line, Paris Johnson, but a solid couple of days in the Senior Bowl definitely are getting the star tackle the attention he should garner.

Darnell Wright, University of Tennessee, OT- The offensive line class of this year's Senior Bowl was one of the main headlines of talent. University of Tennessee offensive tackle Darnell Wright happens to be another star of this class. Wright looked great all week, and could be one of the biggest risers in stock after his performance in Mobile. Wright has recently jumped up in many mocks to as high as the late first round.

Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse University, OT- Bergeron is the final offensive tackle on the list that I find to be a truly fascinating recruit. He seems to have a nice base combination of size and athleticism, and that could see him drafted earlier than many have expected. Due to the depth at the tackle spot in this year's draft I can see Bergeron as a late first rounder to a mid third rounder, and he may honestly end up being one of the bigger steals in the draft.

John Michael Schmitz, University of Minnesota, C- Still on the topic of offensive line is the singular stand out center of this class, John Michael Schmitz. Schmitz is one of the major risers of the Senior Bowl, and I’ve seen him mocked for some in the mid to late first round. He is a very good run blocker and bigger than a lot of interior offensive linemen. I think Schmitz may fall to the second or third round, but I have no doubt he will find a place in the league.

Steve Availa, TCU, OG- The final personal favorite on the offensive line is interior lineman Steve Availa out of TCU. Availa has solid size for the position, but my favorite thing about Availa is his desire to dominate the opposition. Availa is an offensive lineman with a defensive lineman’s mindset, and of course all the tools to be a great offensive lineman as well. Availa could see himself off the board as early as the late first round after an impressive Senior Bowl showing paired with great tape.

Tyjae Spears, Tulane University, RB- Tyjae Spears is a fan favorite. The running back out of Tulane had a great year and continued that throughout the Senior Bowl weekend. Spears has all the traits of a great running back, and has shot up boards. Spears is seen by many as the RB3 of this class, and should go within the first two rounds.

Tulane University running back Tyjae Spears (22) running upfield with the ball at a Senior Bowl Practice (Michael Wade/ Icon Sportswire)

Roschon Johnson, University of Texas, RB- While everyone is enamored with Texas running back Bijan Robinson, his backfield mate Roschon Johnson is going under the radar. Johnson looks like the perfect backup running back with fill in upside. Johnson is expected to go around the fifth round, but has round three upside.

Michael Wilson, Stanford University, WR- Michael Wilson was one of the stars of the game and the drills. The Stanford receiver played excellent, and boasted all the intangibles scouts love. He’s a tall, quick target with solid route running ability and would be an asset to any receiving corp. After a great Senior Bowl Wilson is seen by many as a third round guy.

Xavier Hutchinson, Iowa State University, WR- Xavier Hutinson didn’t have an amazing weekend, but it’s impossible to not talk about the guy. The 6’3” receiver out of Iowa State is a true X receiver according to many, and it’s hard to not see the upside. From a pure production standpoint, Hutchinson is elite, from a measurable standpoint he’s high end, based on skills and route running he’s amazing, and his speed is at minimum average. All in all Hutchinson is a great prospect and has WR1 upside. He is projected to be a second to third round guy where he would be a huge steal.

Nathaniel “Tank” Dell, University of Houston, WR- Nathaniel “Tank” Dell is the final receiver on this list and he put on quite a performance at the Senior Bowl and throughout his years at Houston. Dell is one of those elite speed-size guys and should be a weapon year one. Fantasy Football guys will love Tank Dell and so will scouts. He should end up a top 50 pick in the draft despite a loaded wide receiver class.

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