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Return of Career Services to LIU Brooklyn?

By Portia Muehlbauer- Staff Writer

At a Student Government meeting held at the Brooklyn Campus on Dec. 9, LIU’s Executive Dean of Students Michael Berthel was among the universityofficials who sought student input as tohow some of the money from the $76 million real estate deal that it struck in 2018 over the sale of the Brooklyn Campus’ “air rights.”

Berthel told the students that “long-term changes will be coming.” At the session, a few students from the Pre-Law Society argued that LIU Brooklyn should returnthe Career Services office. “Brooklynstudents deserve to have [a CareerServices office] to help us becomeprofessionally competitive students and not just academically competitive ones,” said Yalitza Sepulveda, 20, a marketing major. “We are competing against students from NYU and Columbia for internships and jobs...I guarantee you that those schools have Career Services, why don’t we?”

Brooklyn’s sister campus, C.W. Post, has an Academic and Career Planningoffice. During the meeting, Berthelacknowledged the point raised by the Pre-Law Society members while adding that “a student at Brooklyn should have the same services and advantages as a student at Post and vice versa.”

The career services department at LIU Brooklyn closed in 2015.

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