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Album Review: It's Harry’s House and We're All Just Living In It


The cover art for Harry’s House, Harry Styles’ third studio album. (Photo: Hanna Moon)

On May 20, 2022 Harry Styles shattered the internet with the release of his third studio album titled Harry’s House. In addition to setting the new record for the most vinyl records sold in a week, a whopping 182,000, he also sold out Madison Square Garden 15 nights in a row. To honor this, he received a banner that hangs from the top of the arena, making Styles one of only four other musical artists to achieve this accolade.

When initially writing this, I was going to rank the tracks on Harry’s House, but because all of the songs have such different vibes, a numerical ranking wouldn’t do the album justice. Instead, I decided to categorize this album based on feelings I felt when listening to them. Don’t worry; there are songs that fall under multiple categories.

Lyrics from “Little Freak” (Template: Eli <3/Pinterest)

Shower Songs:

These are the songs that you can belt out in the shower while pretending you’re performing at Madison Square Garden.

  • “Late Night Parking”

  • “Little Freak”

  • “As It Was”

While all of the songs on Harry’s House are great, the lyrics of these three songs are particularly screamable. The concerts that can be had will have you selling out arenas in no time.

Sad Vibes:

These are the ones that you scream to at max volume while driving at night when you’re deep in the feels.

  • “Matilda”

  • “Love Of My Life”

  • “Boyfriends”

Although these songs are dubbed as “sad” you don’t necessarily need to be sad to vibe to them. Imagine blasting “Matilda” with the windows down and the breeze blowing *chefs kiss*

Little Dancey Dance:

These are songs that you might not fully bust a move to, but make you do a little jig.

  • “Cinema”

  • “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”

  • “Satellite”

  • “As It Was”

  • “Daydreaming”

Something about the beat drop in “Satellite” makes my shoulders want to shimmy — and don’t get me started on “Daydreaming.”

Pingu vibing (Source: Alisa aline/Pinterest)

Chill Hours:

These are the songs that you listen to, to chill out, maybe when doing homework or when you just want to relax.

  • “Grapejuice”

  • “Daylight”

  • “Little Freak”

  • “Cinema”

  • “Keep Driving”

Who doesn’t love a good chill song? As oddly specific as this sounds, these songs would be great to have in the background while cleaning up because you can still focus on the task at hand and listen to these songs without getting too distracted.

Sappy Songs:

Sappy is defined as “overly sweet and sentimental.” These tunes embody just that.

  • “Daylight”

  • “Little Freak”

  • “Love Of My Life”

  • “Matilda”

While these songs can strike a cord, you can’t help but smile when they’re playing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be referred to as the love of someone’s life.

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