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Shark Scoop- April 21

Shark Scoop is a weekly roundup of five stories that examine developments in local, national, and global news, as well as a top headline in entertainment and sports.


Two Mayoral Candidates killed in Mexico

(Photo Credit: Apnews)

Two more mayoral candidates for Mexico cities were found dead on Friday. This brings the total number to 17 contenders that have been murdered before the June 2 election.

The first was running for Mayor in Ciudad Mante to be reelected, Noé Ramos Ferretiz. He was found near the Northern border of Tamaulipas.

The second candidate, Alberto García, was found in the southern state of Oaxaca. He was running to be mayor of one of Oaxaca’s towns, San José Independencia.

This is shaping to turn into one of Mexico’s most violent elections on record as the Apnews states. The widespread violence that occurs to politicians has increased since late March.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has acknowledged this fact and stated that Drug cartels will do anything to make sure who they want as mayor wins, even if it means getting rid of candidates.

U.S. Congress prepares to pass bill to aid Ukraine and Israel

(Photo Credit: Foreignpolicy)

Mike Johnson, the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker, announced on Monday plans for a new national security spending package. It will be a four-part package, and it’s aimed to finally pass long-stalled aid for its allies.

The package is currently split into four bills and it will reflect most of the $95.3 billion aid that the Senate passed in February. It will allocate $60 billion for Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel, $9 billion for humanitarian assistance to Gaza, and $5 billion for Indo-Pacific allies.

Although it is unsure if Johnson's plans include sending $9 billion to Gaza, he said in a statement “We know that the world is watching us to see how we react. They’re watching to see if America will stand up for its allies and our interests around the globe—and we will.”

Currently, the final vote is set to be passed this Saturday, however, the Democrats have already taken the lead when it comes to the vote, with 165 to 151 Republicans.

Man sets himself on Fire in front of NYC Courthouse

(Photo Credit: Fox5ny)

The NYPD identified the man as Max Azzarello, who is from Florida. Many witnesses who were there at the scene stated that he threw pamphlets in the air before lighting himself on fire.

This took place right in front of the Courthouse where Trump’s trial is taking place. The police rushed Azzarello to a hospital, while Detectives picked up the pamphlets that he threw.

Azzarello claimed to be an “investigative researcher” and wrote why he set himself ablaze. NYPD Chief of Detectives Joe Kenny describes the pamphlets as conspiracy theories.

Since then, it has been brought up that he appeared to be working alone and wasn’t targeting any group in particular.

Chief Kenny however expressed in a statement that they are very concerned, especially with the entire situation happening in front of the Courthouse.

O.J. Simpson dies at 76

(Photo Credit: CBSnews)

The retired American football player died on April 10 due to his prostate cancer. As his family posted on X, they stated that he died surrounded by his children and grandchildren and that he succumbed to his battle with cancer.

Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne reminisced about his last conversation with the player. “He's on the couch ... drinking a beer and watching TV. And so that was the last time we had effective back-and-forth conversations” He recalled. “He's usually the one who keeps me up on the news ... so we were just catching up on the news then.”

Simpson’s family has asked for privacy during their time of grieving. LaVergne lets the public know that even though the whole world knew of “bad boy O.J.”, his children have lost a father.

“At first they shared good O.J. But still he was famous. And then, from 1994 on, they kind of had to share bad boy O.J. with the world. But at the end of the day, these children just lost a father. And they have the added burden that he is one of the most famous people on the planet, and who is polarizing and who is surrounded by controversy.” LaVergne told CBSnews.

Morgan Wallen opens up about Nashville Arrest

(Photo Credit: WFMZ)

Singer Morgan Wallen was found with three felony counts connected to an incident in the Nashville Chiefs bar. It was reported that he allegedly threw a chair off the bar roof.

He was arrested on three accounts of reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, and being a danger to the public.

He wrote in a post on X that he wasn’t proud of his actions and that he reached out to make amends with some of the staff members of the bar.

“I didn't feel right publicly checking in until I made amends with some folks. I’ve touched base with Nashville law enforcement, my family, and the good people at Chiefs. I'm not proud of my behavior, and I accept responsibility." He wrote in the post.

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