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Shark Scoop - April 9, 2021

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Shark Scoop is a weekly roundup of five stories that examine developments in global, national, and local news, as well as a top headline in entertainment and sports.


Rapper DMX Dead At 50

DMX: AP Photo/Peter Kramer

Earl “DMX” Simmons, renowned multi-platinum rapper, died Friday, one week after suffering a heart attack from an alleged drug overdose. A three-time Grammy nominee, his slow but remarkable rise to fame included collaborations with other famous artists like L.L. Cool J and Roc Nation’s Jay-Z. He also scored five straight Billboard 200 No.1 albums in his incredible musical run in the late 90’s. Simmons was 50 years old.

Great Britain’s Prince Philip Dead at 99

Prince Philip: Tim Graham (& Photo Library)/Getty Images

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Queen Elizabeth II, died Friday. His death at Windsor Castle was announced by an official notice from Buckingham Palace which was placed at its gates early that morning. In the next several days, his memory will be honored by several 41-gun salutes, as well as the lowering of the Union flag; all according to BBC. Funeral arrangements will be held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. These events are not open to the public in light of the pandemic.

St. Vincent Volcano Erupts in Powerful Burst

Robertson S. Henry/Reuters

A volcano located on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, erupted Friday, causing mass evacuations for 20,000 residents on the island. The volcano, called La Soufrière, had been dormant for decades according to The New York Times, when it began spewing ash and dust 20,000 feet in the air, and leaving a 12-mile wide plume. It is unclear if the eruption has claimed any casualties. Taylor Swift Recreates Fearless

Fearless - Taylor's Version Cover Art | Beth Garrabrant

Pop sensation Taylor Swift has released a remake of one of her original chart-topping albums, Fearless, to popular acclaim. With the help of producers Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner, Swift reimagined the album with a loving hand and included six previously unreleased pieces ‘from the vault.’ Swift fans are expected to periodically receive new recordings of each of her albums, the result of a feud that left the singer without the rights to her own original music.

Mets Win Home Opener on Controversial Call

Michael Conforto HBP | USA Today

The New York Mets won their home opener Thursday in walk-off fashion. Michael Conforto was hit by a pitch (HBP) with the bases loaded, forcing the winning run. Controversy swirled over that play; on replay it looked like Conforto may have leaned into the HBP, thus getting grazed by closer Anthony Bass’ pitch. Home plate umpire, Ron Kulpa, told Newsday after the game, “The guy was hit by the pitch in the strike zone. I should have called him out.” The call would have moved the game into extra innings.

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