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Shark Scoop - December 4, 2022

Shark Scoop is a weekly roundup of five stories that examine developments in global, national, and local news, as well as a top headline in entertainment and sports.


LIU Swim Team Attends ECACs

Ana Sali on the blocks. (Photo: Madison McCarthy)

The LIU men and women’s swim teams traveled to East Meadow, Brooklyn, for the Eastern College Athletic Conference for the winter swimming and diving championships this weekend. LIU is one of the 18 schools competing, including four fellow NEC conference teams: Sacred Heart University, St. Francis College, Stonehill College and Wagner College. To start off the meet, juniors Maaike Broersma and Venna Andersen finished in the top ten placing third and seventh respectively. The meet took place from Friday, Dec. 2 through Sunday, Dec. 4.

Russia Rejects Price Cap on Oil

An aerial view shows the Vladimir Arsenyev tanker at the crude oil terminal Kozmino on the shore of Nakhodka Bay near the port city of Nakhodka, Russia, on Aug. 12 (Photo: Reuters)

On Friday, Australia, Canada, the United States, Britain, Japan and the European Union decided to cap the price on Russian oil at $60 per barrel. This is a dramatic drop as it was previously priced at $85.42 per barrel. Russia was extremely concerned with this decision, which became evident when Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov tweeted, “Starting from this year Europe will live w/o Russian oil. Moscow has already made it clear that it will NOT supply oil to those countries who support anti-market price cap. Very soon the EU will blame Russia for using oil as a weapon.” However, The office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy doesn’t feel like the price is low enough and should be further lowered to $30 per barrel in order to destroy the Russian economy quicker. The goal of this price cap is, as the Ukrainian’s hinted at, to squeeze Russia economically, forcing Putin to limit funding of the war in Ukraine. Russia stated that they need to analyze the situation before deciding on a specific response.

USA Men’s Soccer Team Loses 3-1 Against the Netherlands

Captain Tyler Adams and Cristian Roldan walking on the field (Photo: @usamnt on Instagram)

In their round-of-16-game against the Netherlands the United States Men’s soccer team was knocked out of the 2022 Fifa World Cup. Haji Wright, a 24-year-old forward from Los Angeles, scored for the U.S. This is the third time that the U.S. has been knocked out in the first round of the knock-out stages since the year 2000 (2010 and 2014). CBS noted that the team had a “lack of movement” due to Josh Sargent being out with an ankle injury. The Netherlands will face Argentina in the quarterfinals on Friday.

15-year-old Boy Dies Subway Surfing in Brooklyn

A J-train approaching the platform. (Photo: Pinterest)

The teen was on top of a southbound J-train when he fell under the train car and came into contact with the third rail (the electric rail that when touched can cause electrocution.) By the time the conductor saw the boy on top of the train and called for help, it was too late. In a statement on Thursday, the NYPD spokesperson said, “Riding on the outside of a subway car is not only illegal, but incredibly dangerous. Each year we see teens killed engaging in so-called subway surfing. We enforce rules prohibiting moving between the train cars in order to combat this dangerous behavior.”

Controversy Surrounding Lindsay Lohan Pepsi Commercial

Actress Lindsay Lohan pouring Pepsi. (Photo: Buzzfeed)

Actress Lindsay Lohan has sparked controversy in her recent Pepsi commercial. In the commercial she drinks a combination of Pepsi and milk after which she says, “That is one dirty soda, Santa.” This new duo, dubbed “Pilk,” has people at odds. While Entertainment Weekly said the unusual combination was “horrible,” others don’t feel the same way. Under the Youtube video of the commercial user @TIIVRUSKY commented “I LOVE PILK SO MUCH,” and similarly, user @wells carter said “pilk is the drink of the season.” Whether you love it or hate it, Pepsi is the topic of conversation — which was the whole point of the advertisement.

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