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Shark Scoop - March 19, 2023

Shark Scoop is a weekly roundup of five stories that examine developments in global, national, and local news, as well as a top headline in entertainment and sports.


President Macron Raises Retirement Age in France Amid Protests

Students of all ages took to the streets to protest the French government’s decision to raise the retirement age. (Photo: Lewis Joy/AP)

On Thursday, March 16, President Emmanuel Macron of France pushed through legislation that would raise the retirement age by two years. Short of parliamentary support, Macron moved the bill through the National Assembly without a vote, taking advantage of Article 49.3 in the country’s constitution, which allows certain bills to be passed without a vote. Protest erupted inside the assembly chamber, where lawmakers of the opposite party sang out the French national anthem and banged on their desks, creating such commotion that the speech from Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne was drowned out. The opposing lawmakers also called for two votes of no confidence, which will likely happen on Monday.

President Biden Demands TikTok be Sold

The Biden administration is demanding the popular app TikTok be sold by the Beijing-based company ByteDance. (Photo: Dan Kilwood/Getty Images)

The Biden administration has made demands for the popular Chinese-based app TikTok to be sold. The app is used by more than 100 million Americans, and with growing concern over their safety, the president has called for a change in ownership. This is the first time an administration has outright called for an ownership change. The Trump administration made a move to ban the app nationwide; however, it was met with a legal battle and was finally blocked by a federal judge in December 2020. A change in ownership would require a blessing from the Chinese administration, a move that has a rare chance of occurring, as it has been hostile to the idea for years.

King’s College in Manhattan Forced to Close

Students pose for a picture outside of Manhattan’s Kings College. (Photo: King’s College)

The King’s College in Manhattan is a small private Christian liberal arts school. However, factors such as the pandemic and poorly orchestrated business deals, have forced the school to close. The college is different from the typical schools in New York City. With an enrollment rate of fewer than 300 students, there’s one thing that they all have in common: Christianity. The school is described as a pathway to their lives back home. “The one truth I am committed to is biblical truth,” said Matthew Peterson. Peterson grew up in a “homogeneous” Christian community in Ohio. “I really wanted to come to New York, where I knew I would be confronted with all sorts of ways of living and belief systems.” With the school’s time coming to an end, Peterson and many other students will have to relocate.

Fairleigh Dickinson Upsets No. 1 Purdue

FDU celebrates after a historic win. (Photo: Getty Images)

Fairleigh Dickinson embraced some of that Saint Patrick’s Day luck when taking on top-seed Purdue. With a score of 63-58, FDU walked away victorious in one of the biggest upsets in college basketball history. Historically, no. 16 seeds are 1-150 against no. 1 seeds, making FDU only the second team to join the exclusive club. In a locker room interview with his team, Coach Tobin Anderson was heard saying, “let’s go shock the world.” After the matchup, there were zero perfect brackets remaining out of twenty million entered.

“Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” Cleans Up at the Oscars

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, won big on the largest stage. Nominated for eleven academy awards, the film walked away with an astounding seven. The film won best picture, screenplay and directing, film editing, best actress, and best supporting actor and actress, with Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, and Jamie Lee Curtis honored for their performances. Quan’s win gave the Academy Awards a heartfelt comeback story: after early success in movies such as The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, his acting career grew quiet. “Dreams are something you have to believe in,” Quan said through tears. “I almost gave up on mine. To everyone out there, please keep your dreams alive.”

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