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Shark Scoop - March 20, 2022

Shark Scoop is a weekly roundup of five stories that examine developments in global, national, and local news, as well as a top headline in entertainment and sports.


President Zelenskyy Speaks to Congress, Protests Increase

President Zelenskyy at a press conference. (Photo: Pool via Getty Images)

On Wednesday, March 16, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine addressed the United States Congress over the current invasion of Ukraine. He thanked Congress for its continued support, while also asking the members watching to take further action. Zelenskyy has been pushing for members of NATO to declare a “no-fly” zone over Ukraine. However, doing that would essentially be a declaration of war. NATO would be in charge of maintaining the no fly zone, and they would potentially be forced to shoot down Russian planes. This would drag other countries not directly involved straight into the conflict. This all comes as the Russian bombings intensify, and more protests are taking place within Russia. . Russian News Producer Marina Ovsyannikova appeared on the set of an evening Russian news program on Monday, chanting “Stop The War,” while holding a sign that read, “No War.” Ovsyannikova was found guilty of organizing an illegal protest, and she was fined 30,000 rubles, the equivalent of $280.

COVID-19 Cases Rise in Europe, Fauci Warns of Another Potential Surge In U.S.

Dr. Fauci is once again warning the U.S. about a potential COVID-19 surge this spring. (Photo: Greg Nash via Getty Images)

Once again, Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning residents of the United States of a potential spring COVID-19 surge. European nations are currently seeing a rise in infections, with rates skyrocketing by 48% in some countries. In the last two years, COVID-19 rates have increased first in Europe and then in the U.S. on five separate occasions. Scientists in Europe have stated that the current rise is due to the BA.2 variant being more transmissible, a decrease in immunity from vaccination and the opening of society and people mingling more indoors without masks. Fauci stated that, “we've really got to stay heads-up and keep our eye on the pattern here. So that's the reason why we're watching this very carefully."

After Two-Year Break, St. Patrick's Day Parade Returns to NYC

Spectators at the 2022 St. Patrick’s day parade. (Photo: Gregory P. Mango)

The luck of the Irish is back in New York City! After a two-year pause on festivities, the parade returned to Fifth Avenue on Thursday, March 17. This was the first full-fledged parade since the city dropped its mask mandate. Unfortunately, the parade was accompanied by rain, but that did not stop thousands of people from showing up in attendance. “New York City really needs this,” Sean Lane, chair of the parade’s organizing committee said. The parade included a marching band of bagpipes, floats and families walking together.

MLB Lockout Ends, Spring Training Resumes

The MLB has been in a lockout since Dec. 2, 2021. (Photo: Getty Images- Icon Sportswire)

After 99 days, the Major League Baseball lockout has officially ended. The league went into a shut down when their previous collective bargaining agreement expired. In a vote of 26-12, majority favored the newly proposed five-year CBA. Some notable points to the contract include a competitive balance tax threshold of $230 million in 2023 and peaks at $244 million in final year of the CBA, the minimum salary of $700,000 and peaks at $780,000 in final year of CBA, a pre-arb bonus pool of $50 million, and a postseason format of 12 teams. The lock out did not allow for teams to practice, for games to be played, or for athletes to be paid. Now, Yankees fans will be able to see the team back in action as soon as March 19, when they take on the Baltimore Orioles.

Tame Impala Performs at Barclays Center

Kevin Parker, lead singer of Tame Impala. (Photo: Matt Sav)

Much like sports games, movie showings and indoor dining, concerts are back and in full swing. This week, Tame Impala had a two-night stop in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, as a part of their “Slow Rush” tour. According to the band’s twitter account, tickets for the first night were sold out the day of the show. Some notable crowd-favorites performed at the concert included, “Let it happen,” “Eventually” and, “The Less I Know the Better.” The tour kicked off in Pittsburgh and will continue across the country and globe, finishing in the band's home country Australia.

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