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Shark Scoop - March 6, 2022

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Shark Scoop is a weekly roundup of five stories that examine developments in global, national, and local news, as well as a top headline in entertainment and sports.


The Russia-Ukraine War Rages on Another Week

The world is slowly shifting in alarming ways as the brutal conflict in Eastern Europe rages on for yet another week. The sudden changes have sent shockwaves worldwide, putting into question many things: from the economy to cryptocurrency, the daily routine of Ukrainians, and to the prospective future of Russia as a whole nation. Krakrov, Odessa, other cities with populations of fifty thousand people, hundred thousand people and even three hundred thousand people slowly falling to the feet of Russian troops. Russian military is bombing apartment buildings, hospitals, they destroy people’s lives on the streets and change those streets of major Ukrainian cities beyond recognition. They paint it with blood, dirt and tears. It is been only two weeks of ongoing war, and the bloodshed is showing no signs of slowing. Major international brands as well as foreign alliances, have slowly been disappearing from the Russian market in order to impose consequences for actions of the Russian government.

Economic Sanctions on Russia Cause Oil Prices to Skyrocket

Prices on gas started going up last Monday. Big push was made by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and his order to put nuclear forces on high-alert. And while this will most likely blocks any diplomatic negations with Russia, it stops an export of Russian oil to the foreign markets, with today’s national average per gallon being above $4 . Barrel’s stocks are decreased while the demand for oil is growing up. Russia exports about 12 percent of world's oil and the market prices will only grow, together with the growing amount of sanction imposed on Russia by countries around the world.

Mayor Eric Adams Ends Mask Mandates in Schools

On Friday, New York City residents received new rules that would dramatically shift the habits of their daily lives: masks are now not required at schools and proof of vaccination is not required in dinning places, gyms and all the entertainment facilities. As Mayor Adams stated, it is one of the several actions he is pushing to start reopening the city, since Covid cases have been on the decline. New Yorkers as well as tourists can start enjoying the city again by breathing easy while leaving their masks at home. In addition to schools, masks are not mandatory in most businesses such as grocery stores, bars, stores etc. unless a storeowner requires it. Negative test results (Rapid or PCR) are also not mandatory in New York City by employers and working facilities. These practices are being widely adopted across the United States to the delight and dismay of many.

Robert Pattinson's 'The Batman' is Released in Theaters

'The Batman' was released in theaters this week and secured $128 million in its first two day at the box office. (Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros/Everett Collection)

Everyone's favorited Caped Crusader, Batman, has returned to movie theatre screens everywhere much to the delight of fans with the premiere of 'The Batman' which was released this Friday. Produced by DC Comics and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, the new interpretation of the famous comic book hero has finally reached the screens after much anticipation. Directed and co-written by Matt Reeves, the new movie promises a new approach, disconnected from the previous Bat-franchises, but with a try to follow basics and canons. Reeves is famous for his previous works with blockbusters such as “Dawn of the Planet of Apes” and “War for The Planet of Apes,” so his newest creation, with Robbert Pattinson as the titular character is definitely worth seeing.

The International Sport Community Makes a Stand Against Russia

Sports organizations worldwide have been penalizing Russia due to the war with Ukraine. (Photo: James Hill/The New York Times)

Aside from major economic sanctions, Russia has also been excluded from nearly all of the world's major sporting events for the foreseeable future. In the past few days alone, the Russian national teams have been uninvited from various world championship in sports such as tennis, eSport, and basketball. Those who hail from abroad that play on Russian national teams have been leaving sports across the board. Ukrainians in particular are doing the same to show solidarity with their country. Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, is famous to the masses for owning famous soccer club Chelsea. Since his purchase in 2003 the club became a massive powerhouse, as well as one of Abramovich’s strongest sports assets. Now, there is talk of him selling it, since Russian oligarchs are banned from having any assets outside of their country. Finally, Formula 1 racing events have since refused to take place this year in Sochi, due to the Russia-Ukrainian hostilities.

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