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Shark Scoop - November 6, 2022

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Shark Scoop is a weekly roundup of five stories that examine developments in global, national, and local news, as well as a top headline in entertainment and sports.


Kyrie Irving Suspended over Antisemitism Controversy

Kyrie Irving sparks controversy by promoting antisemitic documentary. (Photo: Jessie Alcheh/AP)

The Brooklyn Nets have suspended guard Kyrie Irving for his controversial social media posts last week, which included antisemitic remarks. Irving will be suspended for a minimum of five games. The Nets star apologized hours later in an Instagram post, stating, “While doing research on YHWH, I posted a Documentary that contained some false anti-Semitic statements, narratives, and language that were untrue and offensive to the Jewish Race/Religion, and I take full accountability and responsibly for my actions.” Since the original post, players around the league and the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, as well as the NBA commissioner, have criticized Irving. It is unknown when or if he will return to the Brooklyn Nets, as no official date has been made public for his return.

November Shaping up to be a Big Month for Netflix

Numerous highly-anticipated movies and shows will be released this month. (Photo: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix, Alex Bailey/Netflix, Scott Everett White/Netflix, Matías Uris/Netflix)

Netflix has released a number of new titles over the past year, including “Dahmer,” “The Bad Guys” and season two of “Young Royals.” But November is shaping up to be an exciting month for Netflix, as the streaming service is dropping plenty of new content, giving viewers days of binge-watching. Along with new seasons of “Manifest” and “The Crown,” new movies are taking over Netflix. “Enola Holmes 2” was released on Nov. 4, and follows the story of Sherlock Holmes’s sister in an entertaining adventure of her first case as a detective.

Powerball Jackpot Rises to Record $1.9 Billion

The latest national lottery drawing is shaping up to be one of the biggest cash pots in history. (Photo: Harm Venhuizen/AP)

The Powerball jackpot grew to a new record of $1.9 billion after no one won on Saturday, Nov. 5. The powerball prize continues to increase because of the inability of anyone to overcome the 1-in-292.2-million-odds and win the jackpot. The Powerball has drawn 40 consecutive draws without a winner; the longest the lottery has gone without a winner is 41 drawings, a record set last year. The next chance to win is Monday, Nov. 7.

New York Hosts Annual Marathon

The New York marathon returns, sparking excitement across the state. (Photo: Ben Solomon for The New York Times)

The New York Marathon was held on Sunday, Nov. 6. The race, which takes runners through all five of New York City’s boroughs, is one of the most anticipated marathons in the world. In the unusual November heat, two Kenyans, Evan Chebet and Sharon Lokedi, took home the men’s and women’s race. The marathon week formally started on Friday, with an opening ceremony that included a parade with runners from all over the world. For the first time in three years, the race was run at its full capacity of 50,000 runners, after the race was canceled in 2020 and only 30,000 were allowed to run in 2021.

Besieged City in Ukraine is Still Fighting, Officials Say

Russian forces continue their advance on Ukraine, further crippling regions in the east. (Photo: Finbarr O'Reilly for The New York Times)

Ukraine officials say Russia is continuing their assault on the city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine from multiple directions, further crippling the region. Moscow has attempted to capture the city for months as part of their advance through the Donetsk region. After Russia’s monthslong siege, the city is in near ruins. The city was an industrial center before the war and was home to more than 70,000 people. Ukrainian forces are still holding the frontline in Bakhmut, according to deputy mayor Oleksandr Marchenko, making it a symbol of Russia’s failure to achieve Vladimir Putin’s objective of controlling the entire eastern Donbas area.

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