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Shark Spotlight: Hache Shines on Court as New Captain


Zoee Hache, LIU Women’s Basketball. (Photo: Donny Chiarel, Graphic: Zoee Hache)

Long Island University (LIU) consists of almost 40 teams on both campuses. The amount of teams gives way to a large number of student-athletes representing the school every year. Junior women's basketball player Zoee Hache is one of them.

Hache, from Normandy, France, has been playing basketball since she was six years old. This sport is her life and she has always expressed gratitude for the opportunity she has had to come to the United States and do what she loves the most.

“I have always dreamed of coming to the US. I once came with my family, and I knew that was where I wanted to spend my years of university," Hache said.

"I just love the city so much, there is always things to do, and I feel closer to my sport here.”

Hache had many offers from other schools, but Long Island University was the one she chose to live her American dream. In 2020, she committed to LIU before starting her freshman year.

At 5 foot six, Hache is the Point Guard of the team; the one who is announcing the play.

During her freshman year, she was named the 7th in the NEC (northeast conference) steals with 1.69 SPG (steals per game).

Something that her coach, Rene Haynes, did not forget to mention when 2 years ago she said:

“Every player isn’t always given an award, but Zoee was a key contributor to our team for her freshman year, she continued to grow, stay dedicated and her game showed just that, I can’t wait to see her progress in the off season as she expands her game.”

Last year, she was recognized as the best teammate. This year Hache has been chosen as the new captain of her team.

“I see it as an opportunity, and I will try in any ways to help the team” Hache said.

“Back home, my team and I won twice the French championships in 2017 and 2019 and the French cup in 2018 and 2019. I hope those experiences will help me to be the best version of myself for my team.”

The 20 year-old is also very involved in campus life and serves as vice president of SAAC.

Hache is also very attached to her club basketball team named USOM Mondeville that she had to leave when coming to the U.S.

When planning and thinking about her future, Hache did not forget to mention that she would like to play in France, as a professional player after graduating from school, next year.

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