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Spring Break in Puerto Rico


Just a mere two weeks before the start of spring break, my friends and I decided to spend our book a trip to Puerto Rico. This Caribbean paradise is probably one of the easiest and cheapest options for students to go to and we were definitely not disappointed.

Puerto Rico is rich in history and culture with amazing food, pretty beaches, and majestic mountains. With so much to do and see, we had to plan everything since we were only there for four days.

We flew out on March 5 at night and arrived at 3 a.m. the next morning. It was early but there was no time to waste.

Balneario El Escambrón taken by Magali Mouton


We had the chance to stay at a place that was only a 20 minutes walk away from Condado Beach. It is a very popular spot for most of the tourists, where swimming is not really encouraged as the waves can be big and impressive, and surfing is a must.

As my friends and I are all swimmers, we had a great time in the water, playing and taking in the waves as if we were kids. We enjoyed watching both sunrise and sunset, with incredible colors.

Balneario El Escambrón taken by Magali Mouton

While Condado Beach was great, our favorite beach was Balneario El Escambrón.

It is a very pretty beach where people welcomed us as if we were locals.

We also had the chance to see and swim with a lot of fishes of different colors and when we weren’t in the water, palm trees were there to cover us as the sun was hitting hard and the UV was high.

The landscape was paradisiac, which was nice as I rarely get the opportunity to see something that beautiful.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan taken by Magali Mouton

Old San Juan is the place where you will find the cutest streets with all their colorful small buildings (see the picture above). We did not know which way to go as everything was so beautiful.

We visited the city during the day and during the night, allowing us to see it in different time frames.

We also had the chance to see the two popular forts, San Cristobal and San Felipe del Morro, that are both UNESCO sites as well as the cemetery, and the Cathedral San Juan Barista.

The nightlife was a great experience, as one night we ate at a little restaurant for dinner, where we had some local foods, such as mofongo and banana plantains, dishes we made sure to order more than once.

As my friends and I are self-acclaimed cocktail connoisseurs, we enjoyed drinks like their classic piña coladas.

El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque National Forest taken by Magali Mouton

During our last day we decided to visit the only tropical rainforest in the United States, El Yunque National Forest.

Only 30 minutes from the capital, it is a unique place that looks unreal; with its beautiful landscapes and waterfalls.

We hiked a part of it where we ended up all the way up and had most of the amazing breathtaking view.

The hard hill was definitely worth it and was the coolest thing about this trip.

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