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The Marketing Society Returns to LIU Brooklyn


Nicholene Silipino (left) and Isabella Harvey (right), new president and vice president of the LIU Marketing Society. (Photo: Daniela Perez Leal)

The LIU Marketing Society is active again, led by new President Nicholene Silipino and Vice President Isabella Harvey.

“I’m happy that I get to be a part of this Society. Being president of this Society is an experience that is preparing me for all the challenges that will come after I finish college,” said Silipino, a junior majoring in marketing.

The Marketing Society hopes to organize events, build connections with the business world, hold workshops to improve students’ business skills, arrange visits to companies and not-for-profit organizations, and improve social media marketing skills.

It offers its members the benefit of forming a professional network with students and potential employers, opportunities for internships, improving business etiquette and making lifelong friends.

This Society is seeking individuals who are collaborative, creative, leaders, positive, and possess necessary skills such as time-management, adaptability, and organization.

“I love the team that we have in the Marketing Society. It’s refreshing to see students stepping up and really helping with the organization,” Silipino said.

The Society's executive staff is formed by Silipino, Harvey, Secretary Danny Seliger, and Social Media Manager Hannah Paps. Currently, staff members are marketing students at the business school at LIU Brooklyn. In addition, the Society has the guidance of marketing professor, Yuko Minowa.

According to the Faculty information of Long Island University, Professor Minowa teaches consumer behavior and marketing management. At LIU Brooklyn, she served as the interim chair and the acting chair of the Managerial Science Department, the area coordinator of Marketing, the chair of numerous committees and an adviser of student associations.

The Marketing Society was on hiatus for one year, due to COVID-19 restrictions that the student community has faced during the past few years. However, over the years, the Society has gone through various inactivities during the transition period that comes with a new president.

“Throughout history, Society has had the participation of aggressive leaders. Students who have always taken the initiative to pursue activities and opportunities. It is wonderful to see these students grow because when they tap into their potential and become successful leaders in college, they will continue to be successful in the workplace,” Minowa said.

“I am very happy that the Marketing Society is active again and it is exciting to see a new team of students working together with values and enthusiasm,” she said.

The Marketing Society is an opportunity for students to become more involved in campus life and meet other students and faculty within the LIU Brooklyn School of Business. It is open to the entire LIU Brooklyn community, allowing students from different majors to meet and network.

Currently, members of the Society meet every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 11:45 am at the business school and via Zoom, offering participants the opportunity to attend in person or remotely. These meetings allow participants to share ideas and opinions, discuss possible internships and networking opportunities, and plan upcoming events that the Society is hosting.

“Meetings are all important because they will help members make connections, work in a team, and further members’ careers before they have even entered the workforce,” Harvey said.

Unity, mutual goals of success, and empowerment are just some of the characteristics that best define all the students who make LIU life. Now, the Marketing Society is back to strengthen that.

Once again, through the formation of these types of student associations, the LIU Brooklyn student community shows what it is made of.

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