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Astrology - On the Cusp of Believing


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Astrology can be defined as the “study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.”

For some, astrology is viewed as an unreasonable belief: simply, a crazy idea that provides answers for those who are uncomfortable with the unknown in life.

For many others however, astrology is an answer, an explanation for identities and why things happen.

According to experts, astrology has been around since 5800 B.C.E. So, why has it become so popular and mainstream in the 21st century?

Astrology can be like talking to a close friend about different aspects of your personal life.

It can give you other outlooks on what you feel you may already know. If you’re feeling wary or confused about whether a new endeavor will be good for you, your horoscope or birth chart can give advice or help steer you in another direction.

Believing in astrology does not necessarily mean that one should live life exactly how a simple website tells you to, but these sources can provide insight into a different perspective.

For many, it gives a sense of control.

But it is this same type of interest in astrology that causes some to doubt the accuracy of it.

There seems to be a thin line between trusting and believing, and this is what really pushes people away.

When strong believers in astrology categorize others and the world around them in terms of astrology, it tends to be confusing to many and can even tend to push others away from believing in astrology altogether.

Astrology is also largely up to interpretation. One website may tell you one thing about your life in the coming month, while another may tell you something completely different.

This uncertainty surrounding astrology is also what deters many from believing in the notion itself.

For strong believers in astrology, this inconsistency also proves to be a problem. While astrology has become more and more popular, it can be difficult to find what some consider the “correct” information about your horoscope.

While becoming popular isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it gives many companies an easy way to make a profit because of people’s carelessness and their trust in the internet.

Many say the Swiss website gives accurate information on your horoscope and birth chart and easy-to-read introduction articles on astrology.

On the other hand apps like Co-Star, have been said to not provide as accurate information as other sources.

While there are some who abuse the basics of astrology and immediately judge others based on their Zodiac signs, that does not necessarily mean that astrology is a negative thing.

It is the same with all personal passions: there will always be bad expectations, bad followers, and even incorrect horoscopes. It can be just a matter of staying aware of one’s sources and biases when reading into it.

Astrology is just one out of many fields and movements that can construct our perspectives and provide simple answers when life becomes challenging.

One can argue that it helps many people in search of their purpose. However, every rose has its thorn and every belief, movement or even pseudoscience has its fanatics, people who don’t see the borders, cross them, and create a bad reputation for the idea.

It may not be fair to write off an entire field of study just because a fraction of people make it seem to be fake. The saying you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, doesn’t only apply to people. Before you completely disregard astrology, do the research and figure out if it’s right for you.

You shouldn’t let people influence your interests. At the end of the day, it must be something that drives only you.

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