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Autumn Art Galleries at LIU


A&E Editor

Feeling artsy? Have some time to kill before class? Stop by the two art exhibits open on campus.

IMAGE: Plant Cure/Brooklyn on display in the humanities building first floor

On the first floor of the humanities building currently on display is the Plant Cure/Brooklyn which is a collaboration between Central Booking and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The project began in 2017 as a collaboration between Central Book and the New York Academy of Medicine in which five artists of residence researched their work at NYAM for an exhibit in Central Booking’s Lower East Side space. Plant Cure was meant to be a project that grew from place to place to include more artists, institutions, and collections. Into a connective thread, with each additional collaboration involving New York while evolving work of past participants. This lead to Brooklyn Botantic Garden being the ideal next location for the project, a childhood place of exploration for Maddy Rosenberg, the curator and project organizer of CENTRAL BOOKING. The gallery mirrors a conservatory with the selection of final work by Cynthia Back, C Bangs, Marisa Benjamim, Margot Glass, Tessa Grundon, James Martin, Susan Rostow, Sarah Stengle, Kate Temple and Mary Ting.

IMAGE: Colorful pieces on display at the Salena Gallery on the first floor of LLC

The exhibit Trading Spaces is open for viewing at the Salena Gallery (first floor of LLC). This is a survey of work created by Brooklyn’s LAND, a nonprofit day habilitation program for artists with developmental disabilities. It features art from Garrol Gayden, Christine Lewis, Carlo Daleo, James Rosa, Rudy Bansraj, Corey Scarboro, Raquel Albarran, Byron Smith, Myasia Dowdell, Stephon Bryce, Kenya Hanley, Robert Latchman, Nicole Appel, and Michael Pellew.

Both of these exhibits are on view through December 16.

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