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Bea Miller Commands the WARSAW Stage With Energetic Performance

By: Danielle Kfare

A&E Editor

The X Factor Alumina, Bea Miller lit up the WARSAW, Brooklyn stage on Nov. 1 as part of her Sunsets in Outer Space Tour.

First up on the bill was Miller’s friend Kennedi who sang a couple of original synth-pop tracks. Her music was on the more chill, emotional side of the spectrum. She had a great stage presence and interacted with the crowd but her voice was hidden by a lot of autotune even on the one song she sang acoustically. There was a point where someone in the crowd yelled at the singer “we want to hear your natural voice.” I had to agree with her. It was disappointing to see her voice masked.

Next up was Nigerian singer Kah-Lo. This was a weird second act for Miller to pick considering this was a hip-hop artist and not the type of audience for that style of music. She was struggling to get the crowd involved at first but once she found her groove, the energy was amplified. Between getting down to “Spice” or rapping about “Fake IDs” the room was electric with the artist on stage. She ended her 45-minute set with a track appropriately titled “Exit Sign”. Personally, her music wasn’t for me. I wasn’t into the vibe at all but Kah-Lo got everyone excited for Bea.

Bea took the stage shortly afterwards around 10PM breaking out into the roaring song “Song Like You”, with guitar shredding, drum banging and the singer’s dynamic stage presence it truly felt like a rock show for a little bit.

What I adore about Miller is that she isn’t afraid to not take herself too seriously. She was very willing to chat with her fans during the show in between songs.

Although “spooky season” (October) is officially over she dedicated fan-favorite track “Dracula” which resulted in a cute little dance before busting into the song and “To The Grave” to her favorite month of the year.

The crowd got a special treat as she performed her new single “That Bitch” that dropped the same day for the first time ever. “When women assert themselves with strong confidence and intelligence they are often ridiculed by men,” she went off about the track. Everyone was hype and knew the words already.

The singer/songwriter ended her set with the EDM track in collaboration with NOTD, “I Wanna Know” in which she got the crowd actually jumping. This made for a fun Friday Night.

Time and time again Miller proves she has what it takes to be in the music industry. Her unique voice and perspective on life makes it worth going out to see her at least once.

Side-note: WARSAW was the first general admission venue that I’ve been to that actually handed out free full sized bottled water in between acts and after the show to concert-goers. This is something more venues should do as it gets hot quickly with everyone crammed together.

Watch Bea's performance of her new single "That Bitch" below!

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