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Best Dressed at the Grammy's


On Sunday, April 3, the 64th annual Grammy Awards took place. While the focus isn’t solely on what the celebrities are wearing, it is an important aspect of the event. This year there were many iconic and notable looks. Here are a few of my favorites:

(Credit: PageSix)

I loved both of Doja Cat’s looks. The aqua color of her red carpet dress matches well with the color and style of her hair. Both dresses cater to her figure, contributing to these amazing looks. With the dress that she wore to the award ceremony, I like the slit as well as the v-line at the top of the dress. The train and the looseness of the bottom of the dress adds elegance to this look.

(Credit: PageSix)

While a lot of people were not a fan of Billie Eillish’s trench coat and sock boot-pairing, both pieces by designer Rick Owens, I thought it fit her personality well. Billie is known for wearing baggier clothes so this outfit is right on brand. All of the pieces being black adds sleekness to her look. Her outfit reminded me a lot of the outfits from The Matrix, which I enjoyed.

(Credit: PageSix)

One word: rhinestones. Rhinestones galore. From top to bottom, I love everything about Lil Nas X’s outfit. The butterfly on the torso and on the sleeves adds extra pizazz to the top. I love how the collar of the top is left up, it is something we don’t usually see. The shoes also being bedazzling and perfectly matching the rest of the ensemble, puts the icing on the cake.

(Credit: Billboard)

Leon Bridges' suit reminds me of the suits of the early 70’s. It also reminds me of some of the pieces from the recent Tanner Fletcher collection. I love the contrast between the tight fitting jacket and the wide leg/flare pants. I also like how the golden patterns go down the sides of the sleeves and pants rather than having the whole suit covered in them. The top of the shoes having the same design as the suit is a nice touch as well. The glasses are not too much and don’t take away from the outfit.

(Credit: Fashionsizzle)

One of the many musical men known for his toxicity, Giveon, stepped out in this black Chanel tweed number. In my opinion, tweed never goes out of style and I love seeing it reimagined with different looks. I am also a sucker for a two piece set so like Leon Bridges’, this one caught my eye. The necklaces spiced up the look and catches your eye when first looking at the outfit. I do wish that the shoes were more than just plain black but they still work with the look nonetheless.

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