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Breaking Down Bridgerton: A Review of Netflix’s Hit Show



The record-smashing Netflix hit show, Bridgerton by Shondaland, has become an absolute must-watch for ‘period piece’ fanatics and telephiles alike. The 19th century-based drama packs a powerful punch of romance, mystery, and regality that has left its following of more than 82 million households saying, “oh my word!”

The show’s stars are Regé-Jean Page, who plays Simon Bassett; and Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton. Together they stir up countless scandals and a passionate romance that is impossible not to enjoy, all while an unknown gossip columnist named Lady Whistledown exposes the hot gossip of these Regency-era British nobles.

Aside from the engaging plot that will leave you on the edge of your seat, Bridgerton provides the fodder for daydreaming of the early 1800’s and all of its ball gown and petticoat-filled glory. While not entirely historically accurate, the show brings to light how Great Britain may have looked like had there been more pastels and sequins!

Bridgerton is a perfect marriage of Pride and Prejudice elegance and story elements with a modern day level of representation. It has a stellar cast of characters that also highlights racial and LGBTQ+ characters, which cannot be overlooked. It has sent shock waves through the world by reinventing the definition of a period piece.


Bridgerton is very impressive as-is to the untrained eye, but the incredible costuming and audio departments bring the show to another level with their production. The use of instrumental versions of pop songs and elaborate gowns adorned with sparkles have completely wowed audiences. These small details make the show more breathtaking, enhancing the watcher’s experience tenfold.

Bridgerton is well worth the watch and it will astound, amaze, and even shock you at every turn. After completing Bridgerton’s eight episodes, you will find yourself wanting more...and fear not, Season 2 is already in the works, with production beginning in the spring of this year!

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