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Hey Charlie! The end of the year is around the corner.


Dear Charlie is an advice column that allows readers to ask Charlie for guidance on how to deal with problems. Whether it’s about love, friendships, or frustrations, Charlie is here to give you tips and ideas for tackling life’s everyday challenges. Readers can ask Charlie for advice through DM via our Instagram @liubknews, or anonymously through this form.

(Photo by Daniela Perez Leal)

Wait, what? Yes, the end of the year is coming. I know each of you feels that the spring semester started one month ago, but no, we are close to April, which means less than a month to get this semester done.

No worries! As always I am here to provide you useful information and advice to end this semester amazingly. You got this!

I want to start by congratulating our Class of 24. The day is almost here! So, I will recommend you put together a list of all the things that you need to do before the big day, which means: Final exams, your graduation look, cap and gown, and please don’t forget to take advantage of the events that Campus Life is hosting to celebrate you. 

Well, finals are coming too so starting to organize all the important dates can be a good idea since you don’t want to miss anything important. Keeping up with all your assignments and asking your professor for help is essential to succeed. 

Office hours? Yes, I will highly recommend you use your office hours to solve any doubts or questions you may have, and also if you need help with your projects or assignments use all the resources that your professors and campus provide to you. 

Now, I know you can feel stress and anxiety but no worries, here are some pieces of advice for you during these upcoming weeks before the end.

First of all, take care of yourself. Having or creating a routine can help you a lot because organization and time management are key. So, by creating your routine you can track your time and make sure that you are dedicating enough time to each activity you need to do and also give yourself time to rest, sleep, and take a break. 

Moving your body is important, through physical exercise you can keep yourself in shape and also help to reduce your stress level, improving your help. Try to go to the gym or take advantage of open hours on campus. Also, you can go on a walk around New York or ride a bicycle. 

Don’t forget to eat well! Eating healthy is super important to be awake and full of energy. So, be sure to eat your three meals per day and also your snacks between all of them. Try to eat fruits and vegetables, and drink enough water. 

Distract yourself and go out of the routine! I know you have to study but taking a break is essential to do well, so going out with your friends, having fun, tricking yourself, enjoying the sunset, or getting your favorite dessert are some of the activities that you can do to breathe and continue working. 

Finally, sleep well! Naps are the best but not enough. Resting is necessary for your body! Sleep at least seven hours and I promise you will have all the energy you need during the day. 

I am excited for the end of this school year and I am super sure you will do great! It has been a pleasure to be around you for another year. Let’s continue to work hard and achieve our dreams and good grades. Good Luck to everyone!

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