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Mike White and the Jets


New York Jets Starting Quarterback Mike White (5) celebrates in the endzone of MetLife Stadium. (Photo: Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The Jets, as many should know, are having a winning season so far at a record of 7-6. However, during this season they have had 3 different starting quarterbacks, and they may have found their man for the job a year after his breakout for the team. Mike White is a seasoned quarterback who has seen time for the Jets before, in their upset victory over the Cincinnati Bengals last year where he threw for over 400 yards and had 3 touchdowns. However, a year ago this wasn’t enough to be the starter over their 2nd overall pick Zach Wilson.

This year is a little different though. Zach Wilson ultimately played poorly following his return from injury and unfortunately lost the locker room after refusing accountability for letting his team down. Due to the concerns about Zach Wilson’s locker room presence, Mike White has seen a return to the field as the New York Jets starting quarterback. In his return to the starting job White threw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns yet again in a win over the Chicago Bears. He did have a more down to earth performance the next game where he threw 2 interceptions and 0 touchdowns in a 7 point loss to the Minnesota VIkings. However, Mike White seems to be a great locker room guy and a serviceable quarterback.

We don’t know how long Mike White will start for the Jets, but many fans are here for it and so are some of his teammates. Wide Receiver Garrett Wilson has been a strong advocate for White, and shared his view of the performance against the Bears sort of in awe. Fans are happy since White is a fan favorite not only for Jets fans, but across the entire league.

What does this mean for the Jets though? Well it means a lot, some good and some bad.

First, it creates an odd dynamic between the Jets and the former second overall pick, Zach Wilson, and many fans don’t want to see this pan out like the Sam Darnold experience just a few years ago.

Perhaps it bodes poorly for Wilson’s confidence as well as his growth. Just this year we saw what a change in confidence can have with Dolphin’s Tua Tagovailoa. If the Jets truly want Wilson to thrive and be on the team for the foreseeable future then Mike White will not be the starter for long, but can they start a struggling Wilson over a striving Mike White when they are in the hunt to make the playoffs.

Sadly there are no simple answers to this though, and the Jets may very well repeat the Sam Darnold situation and look to trade Wilson.

Moving forward the Jets have a lot to work for with 2 big division games and 3 games against unpredictable opponents. With how the Jets have played this year it’s quite possible we see this being a one loss streak for the final 5 games of the season, and with the playoffs on the horizon the trust of Jets fans falls in Mike Whites hands for now.

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