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Monica Lewinsky Signed as the New Face of Top Fashion Brand, Reformation

Updated: Mar 26


Monica Lewinsky for Reformation. (Photo: wwd)

Monica Lewinsky has returned and partnered with the eco-friendly brand, Reformation, to create a new line of formal and business wear while encouraging people to go out and vote this coming November.

The formal wear campaign, "You’ve Got the Power, " was launched Monday, March 4 while partnering with the website, which is the United States' largest non-partisan organization that helps and encourages citizens to partake in voting in the elections

The pieces of clothing have a broad range, going from sleek, long trench leather jackets and pants to oversized shirts with different types of crossbodies. The price ranges also ensure everyone can buy something from this Reformation line, ranging from $58 to as high as $798.

Not only did Reformation launch this campaign, but they also donated $25,000 to to ensure the public that they are serious about getting Americans to vote in this upcoming presidential election.

When you click on the Reformation’s website and go to the campaign, you’ll see many quotes from Lewinsky and the brand itself explaining why they are doing this.

"It's a super important election year and faith in big institutions is pretty low," the fashion brand starts off saying. This comment was made due to the fact that many Americans have expressed apathy or indifference to voting this year.

In fact, PBS gave some statistics about the voter turnout between the 18-24-year-old population in the last presidential election. As they stated, “ Voter turnout among 18-24 year-olds was only about one out of four young citizens in the last presidential election.”

Some feel as though they are not obligated to do so, stating that they haven’t gotten to know the candidates in the last election. This attitude that many of the younger generation of voters seem to have is why Lewinsky and Reformation wanted to do this campaign in the first place.

Lewinsky had an interview with Elle magazine and commented about her partnership with the fashion brand. "We all have to be reminding each other that we can't let that get in the way of needing to vote, that that's how we use our voice. That's where our power is," she explained to the magazine.

Since Lewinsky's re-emergence to the public’s eye back in 2014, she has been an advocate for stopping cyberbullying, something that she knows far too well.

She became known to the public after rumors and allegations spread of President Clinton inappropriately touching her between 1998 and 1999. The media was quick to bash and bully her, so she has since called herself the “patient-zero” of the entire cyber-bullying trend.

Lewinsky wishes to encourage young adults to make their voices heard by voting. (Photo: abcnews)

Lewinsky is now back and serving as a fashion model for the brand not only for her power but also for the power of every woman in the world. “I don't know if this will sound corny but I think a way that women can feel more empowered is by recognizing places that they may need more assistance and asking for that assistance,” she stated to BBC.

Lewinsky worked with a movement coach hired by Reformation to take pictures for the campaign, Zoey Grossman. You can see her work if you check out the campaign only on Reformation.

With this campaign launching so early in the presidential election, it is the hope that people will pay attention and care enough to go out and vote so that they get to see the change that they want to see.

As Lewinsky says on the campaign website, "Voting is using your voice to be heard, and it's the most defining aspect of democracy."

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