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North West Sparks Controvery with Latest Tok Tok Skincare Routine


North West with her mom, Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Yahoo Images)

North West, the daughter of rapper Kanye “Ye” West and American socialite Kim Kardashian, is sparking controversy as she details her skincare routine on her shared Tik Tok account with her mother.

Multiple fans have commented on her new skincare routine, especially because she is so young, at only nine years old.

It’s evident that she cares about her skin, which some view as very impressive on her part and encourages other kids her age to start to care more about their skin from a very young age, however others are wondering if she is too young to be thinking about meeting beauty standards.

During her every day vlogs she films her “get ready with me” videos showing the steps in her skincare routine. Besides skincare, she also shows her fashion and hair styling skills on her page as well.

Although she is at such a young age, she is on her way to making a mark in this industry and really showing people her branding as well as her interests.

Her skincare routine consists of using her mothers skin care products, Skkn. She also uses Vitamasques Electrolyte Watermelon Face Sheet Mask in her routine as well.

North then ends her routine with her beauty moment by brushing her teeth using her aunt Kendall Jenner’s Rose Mint toothpaste.

North West is a big advocate for her family's products and always promotes them herself, encouraging fans of their family to do the same.

It is very interesting how she is able to become an influencer and follow in her family's footsteps by using her platform to show how she does her routine.

One thing about the Kardashians: they will always find a way to keep everyone in their family in business.

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