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The Best Halloween Movies to Stream This Spooky Season

By: MELISSA FISHMAN | Staff Writer

Like almost everything this year, we can now add Halloween to the list of things that are going to be a lot different this year. For those spending All Hallows’ Eve at home, here is a list of some of the best spooky movies and shows to stream and enjoy this month!

For those seeking a good scare with a vintage feel, Poltergeist directed by Tobe Hooper is something you might enjoy. The story follows a suburban family that quickly learns that their home has paranormal activity when their youngest daughter is abducted by those in the beyond. Movies of similar tastes are Alien (1979), Children of the Corn, Beetlejuice, and Halloween (1978).

Thrill-seekers who enjoy movies with twisted endings, look no further than Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster star in the classic and psychological thriller about an FBI trainee, played by Foster, who is tracking down the infamous Buffalo Bill. Movies and shows with a similar style are American Horror Story, Us, Midsommar, and Parasite, which is the Academy Award winner for Best Picture. 

Movie historians and those with old souls will likely enjoy Psycho or The Birds, both directed by Alfred Hitchcock. These movies, shot in black and white, are horror movies that were the staple of their time. Hitchcock’s direction in Psycho is not only masterful but haunting; The Birds will have its audience shaken and captivated.

Finally, for those wanting to watch a spooky movie without the scare and lots of Gen Z nostalgia, Halloweentown is certainly a safe bet! You can’t go wrong by watching a movie dedicated to a town that lives and breathes the spirit of Halloween 24/7 while also being terrorized by a mysterious force. Similar movies to add to your watch list are The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, The Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas, and so many more.

Here’s the complete Halloween movie guide, broken down by genre:


• Addams Family (PG-13, Netflix)

• House of 1,000 Corpses (R, Netflix)

• Poltergeist (PG, Netflix)

• Silence of the Lambs (R, Netflix)

• Alien, 1979 (R, HBO Max)

• Children of the Corn, 1984 (R, Hulu)

• Hellraiser (R, Shudder)

• Halloween, 1978 (R, Shudder)

• Night of the Living Dead, 1968 (N/A, Shudder)

• Psycho (R, Peacock)

• American Psycho (R, Peacock)

• The Birds (PG-13, Peacock)

• Beetlejuice (PG, Peacock)


• Goosebumps 2 (PG, Netflix)

• Hubie Halloween (PG-13 Netflix)

• Addams Family Values (PG-13, Amazon Prime)

• Halloweentown (TV-PG, Disney+)

• Hocus Pocus (PG, Disney+)

• Frankenweenie (PG, Disney+)

• Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, Disney+)

• Haunted Mansion (PG, Disney+)


• Hush (R, Netflix)

• Texas Chainsaw, 2013 (R, Hulu)


• It: Chapter 2 (R, HBO Max)

• Hereditary (R, Amazon Prime)

• 47 Meters Down Uncaged (PG-13, Amazon Prime)

• The Cabin in the Woods (R, Amazon Prime)


• The Omen, 2006 (R, Hulu)

• Pet Sematary, 2019 (R, Hulu)

• Doctor Sleep (R, HBO Max)

• Us (R, HBO Max)

• My Friend Dahmer (R, Hulu)

• Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (PG-13, Amazon Prime)

• Midsommar (R, Amazon Prime)

• The Grudge (PG-13, Peacock)


• Parasite (R, Hulu)

TV Shows

• Haunting of Hill House (TV-MA, Netflix)

• Ratched (TV-MA, Netflix)

• American Horror Story (TV-MA, Netflix/Hulu)

• Scream Queens (TV-14, Hulu)

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