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The Best Looks of New York Fashion Week

Updated: Oct 5, 2022


New York Fashion week had a lot to offer this year, from new takes on classic looks to never seen before statement pieces. This year, brands seemed to favor bold colors and patterns compared to the neutral and muted tones of recent years. These looks are just some of the amazing outfits that caught my eye.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar

This year’s Moschino collection focused on pastels and animated animals while keeping the vintage vibe that it is well known for. This outfit immediately caught my eye. I love how the edges of this two-piece set keeps in line with the shape of the design, rather than simply being straight. This look brings a child’s playful world of make believe to life, while still maintaining a classic silhouette. The simple fur jacket really brings out the colors, thus serving as the perfect finish to this unique look.

Photo: Footwear News

Spikes galore! This look immediately sent the sounds of early 2000’s pop-punk music through my head. The spike studded leather jacket is something every My Chemical Romance and Green Day fan has dreamed of owning. It is expertly layered over a three-piece plaid suit which just screams rebellion. The blue floral motif adds a sweet touch, and the matching purse and spiked shoes really brings this look together. Tommy Hilfiger truly knows the way to every alternative music lover’s heart.

Photo: Getty Images

This tailored suit stays on trend with the emergence of lime green in the fashion world. Sergio Hudson is taking us back to the 80s with broad shoulders and a cinched waist. He manages to give it a modern air with the bold monochrome palette and incorporation of velvet detailing on the blazer and coordinated bra. Winnie Harlow looks both powerful and sexy in this three-piece ensemble.

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Orange is not a color often seen in runway outfits, but designer brand Hanifa makes it all about fiery color in this gorgeous look. The silk material and slinky silhouette definitely gives it an elegant vibe. I love the asymmetrical sleeve on the mini jacket, along with the glove. It’s giving glamour, it’s giving divine, and everything in between.

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Is it Wednesday because I’m absolutely obsessed with this pink. Victor Glemaud is serving us the embodiment of Y2K it-girl vibes on a silver platter. The low rise pants, g-string underwear and skimpy top all were an absolute staple of the times, not to mention the hairstyle complements this era perfectly. Not only can this be worn outside, but the light and airy material lets this outfit double as comfortable loungewear. In the words of Gretchen Weiners, this look is “so fetch!”

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