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The Soul of a Powerful Woman Who Steps Into the Diamond’s World to Make a Difference

Updated: Mar 20


Photo by Constanza Viera

Constanza Viera, a 31-year-old Venezuelan Woman and Jewelry designer, is the CEO of Diamond Tales, a private jewelry company. With a successful trajectory, Constanza and her sister launched her digital book “Diamond Chronicles." 

Constanza’s passion has always been jewelry; she loves it when her family and friends bring it as a gift. 

In 2015, she joined one of her friends and together founded “Gugu Jewelry.” However, Constanza found her real passion in the Diamond’s world, so in 2017 she enrolled in the Gemological Institute of America and obtained a Diamond Grader degree in 2019, being this the perfect credentials for a private jeweler. 

Breaking the stigmas, Constanza brings her enthusiastic and powerful personality into this world, positioning her as an entrepreneurial woman in a space that in general is dominated by men.  

In August 2017, she decided to apply all the knowledge that she was getting from the institute and she founded her own business, Diamond Tales. 

Offering an exclusive experience, her business is a private consultancy company and a luxury jewelry shopping experience. 

Constanza believes in the beauty of every story behind every gem, and also in the power of a legacy. 

In Diamond Tales, every piece of jewelry is unique and it is designed with so much love and care for the client, so not only do they get a diamond, but they also get a story and an experience for the rest of their lives. 

“We aim to bring meaning to a special moment with durable and exceptional jewelry pieces. Memories, just as jewelry, create an impact that will last forever,” said Constanza on her website. 

The creation process of a piece is divided into four steps: First, one-on-one talks where Constanza offers a free consultation to advise you about the jewelry. 

Second, curated experience, a process by which she ensures to find the best value and high quality for your piece. 

The third step is the styling and design process, in this step Constanza finds the perfect piece for you, allowing you to purchase an expertly curated selection or create an exclusive piece that will transcend in time. 

The last step is defined as Capsule Collections and Jewelry Solutions, a process that guarantees the client keeps their beautiful and exclusive pieces safe at all times.

Photo by Constanza Viera

Finally, after some years of building her business and defining the pillars of her brand, Constanza and her sister Valeria Viera, who is a talented producer and journalist, published on Feb. 01, 2024, a book called “Diamond Chronicles”.t can be found on Amazon, Kindle, and Paperback presentations among many other platforms across the Internet, including Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and Target. 

This book is dedicated to their mother because she is their most precious jewel. The book is a compilation of poems that she and her sister created together three years ago to express the pillars of her brand. 

Valeria who is an amazing writer and storyteller helped Constanza to describe the art and love of everything that goes into making a piece of jewelry.

They created several poems with different themes. For example, one honors women, and another honors a mother, so all these collections of poems came together in this book. 

Through poetry, this book emphasizes the profound significance and feelings of how jewelry can craft stories one diamond at a time. It also captures the unique qualities of gemstones. 

“I want this book to be something nice that people can have at home, and they can read it whenever they want. Each poem conveys the meaning of a common piece of jewelry passed down from generation to generation. Every piece I create has a story behind it that endures over time,” Constanza expressed. 

This book seeks to educate readers about diamonds, develop a creative and artistic perspective, emphasize storytelling, and become a potential source of inspiration. 

“This book offers a blend of education, creativity, and storytelling, providing a fresh and unique perspective on diamonds and jewelry through the collaboration of two talented sisters with different backgrounds and passions,” said Constanza. 

Constanza is a clear example of an empowered, enterprising, optimistic Venezuelan Woman who has fought to compete with the men in the industry.

Thanks to her experience and the paradigms she has broken, she has become an example for many girls who love jewelry and diamonds, demonstrating that nothing is impossible to achieve if you pursue your goals with love, enthusiasm, and determination.

Constanza is proof that a woman can be whatever she wants and wishes to be.

Photo by Constanza Viera

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