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Writing: Your Refuge, Your Escape, Your Words


While we cloister ourselves in our homes, with our families in this time of uncertainty. The Coronavirus and Social Distancing have got us all asking one question: “What can I do?”

Obviously, we can’t see our friends face-to-face; and everything’s online, but there’s one activity that you can do to pass the time and express your thoughts, writing. 

Now you may be wondering: Why writing? What good can it do? How can it help me?

Writing is a way of conveying thoughts and actions by placing them onto paper or typing them up online, but what’s good about writing, in general, is that it can help unload stress and thoughts in your mind and setting them down someplace where you see fit.

While Writing can be a basis of unloading thoughts, writing can also bring forth ways of entertaining yourself. Writers always have a way of bringing out the bright side through the thoughts that a writer sees. In order for you to do so; consider the following:

  1. Grab a journal (or a piece of paper), a pen, and a place to think: In this time of seclusion from the world, it is always best to have these materials at hand. Have them ready by your side, whenever you have a thought that you want to write down.

  2. Let the Ideas flow on out: It can be perfect or imperfect, politically correct or incorrect, it doesn’t matter! Writing doesn’t what you think, all it wants to know is what you want it to know. It’s your thoughts and ideas, you decide how much should be spoken.

  3. Stay positive: Positivity is key whenever you write. Positivity can liven up anything that it touches. Whenever there’s Positivity, there will always be inspiration.

  4. Think of Writing as if you’re talking to a Friend: Whether it’s for something good or something bad, writing is always the best way to keep at ease, regardless of a situation. Writing is a form of communication, so think of the journal as a friend and you’re telling the friend, what you have to say. Remember, this is your story; the beginning, middle, and end are what you dictate it to be. 

  5. There’s ALWAYS something out there that you can talk about: Whether it can revolve around the current situation of the Coronavirus or something else in life, you can write about anything in your life. Writing is formless, it doesn’t take up form until you dictate it. So look around you, use your books, objects, that favorite episode of your favorite binged TV series, the weather, something you see out your window or anything. Anything in this world or in your life is yours to Write about. It doesn’t matter, just write!

In this time where friends are separated by distance, and when a virus brings our way of life to grinding halt, know that just because you’re inside, doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to convey and be creative. Writing allows you to do these things and writing can always bring the fun out of anyone in the best of times and in the worst of times. So try it, and know that writing will always make anyone’s day. 

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