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Dear Charlie: How Do I Reignite My Love for Past Hobbies and Passions?

Dear Charlie is an advice column that allows readers to ask Charlie for guidance on how to deal with problems. Whether it’s about love, friendships, or frustrations, Charlie is here to give you tips and ideas for tackling life’s everyday challenges. Readers can ask Charlie for advice through DM via our Instagram @liubknews, or anonymously through this form.


In college, you can often find yourself in a slump when it comes to hobbies and interests outside of school.

Since academic and stress oftentimes come hand in hand, school may add to the pile of reasons you can’t pursue your interests. Additionally, extracurriculars and jobs outside of academic may also contribute the push of your hobbies to the back burner.

Life can get busy and messy quickly, so using your break time to organize your schedule is well worth the effort.

In the wise words of Kendrick Lamar, “Dream only a dream if work don’t follow it.” As you grow older, it takes more work to pursue your passions, clearing schedules, rejecting plans.

Lucky for you reader, spring break is here and the midterm season is but a fading memory now. Which means now is the perfect time to bring back the spark!

There is not a tried and true method to solve this issue as a whole, but solving the smaller hurdles often proves as a way to simplify the process.

No matter what your hobbies are, spending time actively doing or observing them is of course the most obvious and effective way to keep the flame of passion alive. Proven by your effort in asking for advice, your drive to improve and continue your hobbies is already present, all that you need now is how to reintroduce your hobbies into your schedule.

This starts with time management. Knowing how much time you can spend on your hobbies and where in your schedule you can clear time for them is key.

While multitasking is usually a beneficial skill that’s important in work, when it comes to personal hobbies and activities it is best to spend your time taking it slow and doing one thing rather than multiple at the same time.

This reaffirms your care for the activity and allows you to truly indulge in it without other worries and responsibilities distracting you.

Sit down and just do it. Set a timer and go crazy. Have fun and relearn what it means to enjoy your time doing what you love.

While working on this reintroduction, it's ok to start in small doses, slowly getting yourself back into the groove.

If you play an instrument you can try relearning a song you love. If you love painting, try your favorite view. If you love cooking give a hand at preparing your most loved meal. If dancing is your calling try going on YouTube and learning new moves.

There’s so much you can do just by starting with small doses of everything you love.

Once you figure out a schedule that works for you, just have fun! Never give up your passions, perhaps you might put them on hold but never fully away. Although it may get difficult to create time for your hobbies, they are what keep your spirits up when life feels like it’s taking over.

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